or pleated pants, but they are not strictly speaking basics.

The main guarantees of the quality of good pants are thick pocket bags, stitches on the edges of the pockets
, natural material buttons or solid zips


When choosing the size, just make sure that there is no excess material in the thighs, and that the belt follows the lines of your body (without yawning). If it’s classic pants, that is, dress pants, it’s better to hem at a retoucher rather than roll it up.

You can consult Romain’s very good article on the costume to become a real pro.

When it comes to style, chinos are really an essential piece. It is lighter than jeans, so perfect for summer, but above all very versatile. It fits as well in a casual outfit as a dress.

n a dressier register, a chinos can easily be included in a business casual outfit.

As you will have understood, beige and blue are preferred at first glance. Despite the wide choice of colors offered by chinos, strong color combinations can be risky when you are just starting out.
The right brands of men’s pants

LePantalon: stretch chinos that are well cut and comfortable to wear, at the round price of 79 euros


COS: trousers with tailored cuts, quite designer, and at a very affordable price.

Balibaris: chinos a little more expensive (100 euros), but still well cut and in 100% cotton.

Carhartt: If you're looking for a solid that will last you a long time, Carhartt is for you. We especially recommend the Sid Pant for its really nice cut. On the other hand, their canvas is less suitable for wearing in summer.

The famous Sid Pant Carhartt. Photo credits: Carhartt.

SuitSupply: worked materials, textured fabrics, a wide choice of suit pants with allure. Count between 100 and 200 euros.

A.P.C. : a brand that produces beautiful products. You will find chinos with worked cuts, quite minimalist, between 150 and 200 euros.

What about the costume?

Today, the costume is no longer considered a basic by all men. If some wear it every day because of their work environment, others have only one, much too large, stored at the back of the cupboard.

It’s a shame because once you manage to tame the codes of formal style, you can easily twist them to find your own style.

Wear the mismatched suit, pair jeans with a blazer, replace suit pants with chinos … In short, many combinations appear and mixing the codes becomes child’s play.

If you are not a shoemaker, you have no reason to be poorly shod.

Be careful, it is impossible to cheat on the quality because an approximate assembly or a questionable material will be seen instantly.

In general, here are two criteria to take into account:

The quality of the leather: it must be soft, smooth, regular and present beautiful natural reflections in the light (if your pair shines brightly, that's a bad sign);

The quality of the assembly, that is to say the way in which the different parts of the shoe are assembled together.

Regarding aesthetics, there is a wide choice of shoes suitable for different occasions or styles. We have already dealt with the question but here is a reminder of the really essential models:

The Richelieu: their characteristic is the lacing directly placed on the body of the shoe. These are the most dressy shoes, to be worn mainly with a costume. The other associations are very risky, especially when you are just starting out

Very pretty derby with a more marked “rustic” side. Credit: Church’s

If you were to own only one pair among these two iconic models, perhaps favor the derby that you can more easily wear in different contexts.

There are other dress shoes like double buckles or ankle boots, but we are moving away from the basics. However, they represent great alternatives for those looking for a bit of originality.

We can also think of moccasins, very popular in summer, but which are still quite difficult to use in an everyday outfit (when you are not yet used to wearing shoes). This is not necessarily the first pair to own, although it can come later.

No need to take ill-considered risks on a first costume: keep it simple, make it blue.

To know all the basics of the costume, a little viewing of Bon Look # 13 is essential. And because suit says tie, the one from Bon Look # 14 can also be useful.

  1. Our brand recommendations to afford a good costume COS: a good entry-level ready-to-wear product. Count at least 300 euros, the minimum for a durable costume. SuitSupply: Dutch brand that offers well-made semi-canvas suits from 400 euros. Boggi: Italian brand that offers very beautiful costumes for a slightly higher budget (count at least 600 euros). Louis Purple: one of the best quality-price-style ratios on the market for a half-size suit. Wicket: still around 600/700 euros, you will find very well cut costumes at the French brand. Husbands: we are here on ready-to-wear costumes costing more than 1000 euros, but which deserve our attention. At this price, if your budget allows it, it is better to go directly to a tailor for a half-size suit.

And for even more brands and advice on the suit jacket in particular, here is the second part of Romain’s article on the subject.
The essential shoes for men

  1. A pair of beautiful shoes
    How to choose them?

The shoes designate a pair of shoes, very often in leather, whose sole is rigid and regularly enhanced by a small heel. It is particularly opposed to the sneaker.

A nice pair of shoes is also a must have in the men’s wardrobe. Whether it complements a suit or brings elegance to a casual outfit, you can’t ignore it!

Cordovan leather derby with light red reflections. Credits: Alden.

  1. Sneakers to be comfortable

Sneakers designate sports shoes intended for city use. It is the shoe that we see the most today on the street, and for good reason, they are comfortable and the choice on the market is immense.

We can therefore consider that they are a basic of the male wardrobe, although not everyone adopts them.

Unlike shoes, we tend to be less demanding on quality when it comes to sneakers. Here are some points to take into account in order not to buy anything:

As with a street shoe, check that the leather is of a regular grain, without nerves or scars.

Also check the liner. It would be best if it was made of leather but if it is a fabric lining, check that it is natural fibers.

A natural rubber sole is a real guarantee of quality for a pair of sneakers. The Italians are experts in the field (Margom in particular who masters very well the vulcanization


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