Jeans are part of all wardrobes. Women, men, children, everyone has their own and their favorite cuts. Even babies wear jeans. As our club has more than 15 million members with varied tastes and needs, we take great care of all our private sales of jeans. And there are many. And regular! Clearly, you can find cheap, designer jeans on sale any day of the year at Zalando Privé.

How do we operate? It’s simple. Our private sales are exclusively reserved for our members. To register, we do not subject you to a big questioning: your simple e-mail address is enough for us. Registration is instant, free and non-binding. If our store is online, we have kept the know-how of traditional commerce: the customer is king. With this detail that at Zalando Privé, the customer is a privileged member. And this notion makes all the difference! By becoming a member, you immediately benefit from all our advantages. You can access a wide variety of private sales starting every day throughout the year. Each multiplies the huge discounts up to -75% for 3 to 5 days.

We work specifically with more than 2,500 renowned brands. When you buy cheap men’s jeans, it’s from a famous brand. Ditto for all our other offers: clothing, sports equipment, linens, shoes, accessories… Everything is beautiful and of high quality! In addition, you will not be charged for any shipping costs: we will take care of your deliveries. In the event that you make a mistake, you have a free period of 14 days to return the item to us.

made by experts in children’s fashion such as Petit Bateau. Unearth all your branded jeans on sale among the essential references that are making the buzz on social networks. Our stylists have eyes everywhere. They make up private sales of jeans for all styles. Then all you have to do is choose your future favorite cheap women’s jeans.

The one that will allow you to compose a whole series of modern and well-seen looks.

Find your style with a max of cheap jeans cuts

You know, whether branded jeans are on sale or not, they have a very specific vocabulary given the wide variety of fits they offer. Sometimes you have to admit that you would almost get lost. A private sale of inexpensive designer jeans is the perfect opportunity to summarize the different cuts of jeans on offer. Let’s start with a homecoming with vintage jeans. They have the wind in their sails. The beloved 70s eph leg jeans are reinterpreted in modernized versions dubbed Bootcut jeans or Flare jeans. Their difference? The Flare jeans are even more flared at the bottom. From the same years, mom’s jeans (the one that all teenagers hated at the time) have become ultra trendy: they are the famous Mom jeans. It is so popular that its cousin was born: the Boyfriend jeans.

For years, the most stylish women and men swore by beautiful, straight-cut jeans, now called Regular. They have remained timeless, especially for those who love the casual chic style. Then Slim jeans, and even Skinny jeans, made their appearance. With cheap skinny jeans for men, the fit is tight while with cheap skinny jeans for women, the fit is ultra tight. The Carotte jeans follow the same principle but tighten the lower legs as much as possible to the ankles. Of course, we don’t forget the jeggings, a clever hybrid between jogging and jeans, allowing a slim fit combined with very elastic stretch denim. Because comfort has also entered as a criterion for choosing jeans today.

Denim canvas is blended with elastic materials for softness. Fashion keeps reinventing jeans without ever getting bored.

At Zalando Privé, we have a few “little” obsessions. The greatest is probably to satisfy all of our members. And since our community brings together nearly 15 million people with different tastes and needs, we make a point of offering you a very large online outlet, including a wide selection of inexpensive handbags. Each and every one can thus find their favorite brand, or even be unfaithful to them by regularly having crushes for sublime cheap brand handbags on promotion for example.

Because our strength is there: being able to bring together in the same online shopping space all the biggest high-end and luxury brands from the worlds of fashion, leather goods and lifestyle. We have forged links with more than 2,500 prestigious brands which allow us to offer you huge promotions throughout the year. If you are not yet a member, we invite you to join us. Even more if you are a fan of cheap bags. This will give you free access to our entire online sales site. We start different private sales every day. Each time, they are reserved for our members and offer discounts such as they can reach up to 75% off. Registration is free, just by mentioning your e-mail address. It is this address that will allow you to obtain your credentials and to log in all year round. We don’t force anything on you.

You are free to buy or not. If you especially fall for a cheap woman’s shoulder bag or any other item, you will not pay any delivery costs. We pay the shipping costs. Plus, you have up to 14 days to change your mind. Signing up with Zalando Privé to be able to access a Handbag Private Sale is a great excuse. When you see the inexpensive handbags for women in our outlet, you will think to yourself: “why didn’t I register with Zalando Privé earlier?”.


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