at your house.

820g (Eight hundred and twenty grams).

It is his weight in size M. we tend to area unit terribly removed from those thick however ethereal sweaters


This makes it our heaviest sweater.

"The challenge ?

Get a sweater as heat as our superyak sweater, however with a additional accessible material, and even as comfy. "

- Julien

Note from Benoit: my expertise with this sweater

You’ll laugh, however my main concern with this sweater was… being too hot!

And from the primary ports, it quickly flew away, as a result of the thermoregulatory properties of this 1st shear lamb, and this plain, work wonders. Even inside. Even once the radiator gets angry.

It is one amongst the nicest stitches in my wardrobe, with its softness and softness. In terms of “X Factor”, we tend to area unit excellent there!

This sweater thus closes our 2019 vesture assortment with nice fanfare, with the fun of Scottish power. 🔥
Our slipover tests

In every worth vary, here is what you’ll be able to expect from a slipover. and every time associate freelance choice of the most effective brands we’ve tested.

To go more, conjointly discover our recommendation on sweatshirts.

Entry level (€ thirty – € 80)

Very commonplace fleece with no fuss. terribly sophisticated to create associate opinion on the standard, unless
Mid-range (80 € – a hundred and fifty €)


The best brands per our tests

Norse comes, Benjamin Jezequel, Edwin, Our Legacy, Asket, Paname Collections, Riding High, regnant Champ, cheese American state Paname

High-end (150 € – the sky)

At this worth, we tend to area unit beginning to notice Japanese fleece with terribly elaborate textures and knit stitches. And specially the illustrious fleece from Tsuri machines. These fleeces also are additional reliable and resist laundry higher, as long as you do not exaggerate it.

Some fleece made of vintage European machines also are turning into accessible. they need grains and details from the previous days that build all the distinction.

You can conjointly notice sweatshirts with specific materials: cotton / linen or cotton / alpaca blends for appearance that area unit out of the normal.

The best brands per our tests

Merz B. Schwanen, Loopwheeler, Wings & Horns, the $64000 McCoy’s, President’s, Our Legacy, Jackman, Shuttlenotes, Velva luster,
This is the fabric that produces all the difference: an exquisite super 120’s wool (equivalent to seventeen.25 microns, finer than grade B cashmere

) that involves U.S.A. from Australia.

It allowed U.S.A. to develop a really stunning material with alittle roughness and a three-dimensional look.

as we tend to like them.

Also, we’ve a perfect balance between weight (157 g / m²) and liquidity, that makes it a supposed “4 seasons” material.
zoom renaud blue suit jacket china
A special bit

It’s onerous to check within the photos, however after you have the jacket in hand, you’ll be able to appreciate its “dry” and soft feel at an equivalent time.

you’ve got to check it to believe it !

- Team report

The advantages of this dry hand:

A matte lightweight socket (rather than too bright).

renaud jacket suit
close up jacket collar china blue suit
A fall … to die for

Fluid, however serious enough to own body.

Thanks to its “nervousness”, the material creases little and quickly regains its form beneath the pressure of your fingers.

A flexibility that permits the jacket to simply follow your movements (this isn’t any reason to wear it to your martial art lessons).
jacket suit face
jacket suit back
High-end finishes, the approach we tend to like them
Semi-lined and rough interior

Purist end that needs loads of work: everything is adorned , no thread stands out.

American parmenture

comes to bring hold to the jacket and particularly liquidity.

As a bonus: salt shakers within the armpits to guard against perspiration.
The beginning is half everything, “said mathematician a protracted time past.

If the art of dressing well isn’t – and ne’er are going to be – a science as precise as arithmetic, it goes while not language that it includes a definite variety of rules that one might, for some, qualify as changeless.

What is a scholarly person thesis price if the topic isn’t we tend toll outlined at the beginning? what is going to stay of a palace whose foundations are neglected upstream of construction? What would we bear in mind from a proficient runner if he uncomprehensible his start?
Looks like mathematician was, once again, completely right. this can be why once some years of existence, it appeared helpful to U.S.A. to come back back to the premise of the masculine vogue, the last word pillar of magnificence, the golden rule of the well-dressed man … the correct size of all the items that compose your wardrobe.
Coat, shirt, suit, jeans, etc., during this article we’ve place along all the guidelines for selecting garments that area unit utterly suited to your size. this text may be a sensible complement to the guides to decorate per your morphology, whether or not you’re robust, tall and skinny, short or muscular!
The jersey ought to be fitted while not being tight

The essential basic, the daily ally, the companion of the gorgeous seasons. simply that ! A priori straightforward, the jersey shouldn’t be chosen too gently. UN agency says straightforward says well cut and well worn!


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