It’s simple: an exquisite cardigan (with a motivating material and a clean design) goes with everything. a foul cardigan (whose knit pills and tapers) does not go together with a lot of.

A beautiful shirt with worked cloth, with mother of pearl buttons, a collar that holds and an exquisite drape is straightforward to wear! it’ll be highlighted in any vogue from blazers to bomber jackets.
Thus, you’ll celebrate carrying robust items sort of a “work blue” jacket or a military jacket.
The items you cannot betray

There ar items with that it’s even a lot of obvious! it is the case for :

animal skin jackets,

The mesh,

and therefore the shoes.

In these classes, it’s strictly not possible to betray the standard (you need to be able to invest for the moment).
Leather shines and marks everyplace. To be strictly avoided!

This is why there’s most stress on shopping for quality covering. the opposite vital purpose is that the size. If the work is correct and therefore the garments ar right for you, you actually minimize the probabilities of wanting wrong.

So pay shut attention to it. way too many folks dress too massive or too little. If this is often your case, but a lot of you are trying to make a cohesive outfit, there’ll continually be one thing wrong.
Downplaying: massive mistakes ar terribly rare

Yes, you’ve got to understand the way to place things into perspective a bit. to essentially error your garments, you’ve got to try and do it deliberately (garish colours, clear materials, massive inscriptions, low-cost jeans wash).

At worst, you’ve got a mode that goes fully disregarded, nothing a lot of.

For example, the white T-shirt is one of them and is a real pillar of the male wardrobe. It is one of those parts that you will use all your life (even if it means renewing them if necessary). This is the reason why it is inevitable to choose the right basics, whether or not you are new to clothing. Besides, taking a close interest in the basics of your wardrobe is also taking an interest in your daily comfort.

Since you are convinced of the benefits of basics, let’s take a look at which ones are really essential and how to choose them. Because yes, even in terms of standards, it is easy to get lost …
Must-have tops for men

  1. The T-shirt: a basic necessary all year (and all life)
    Choosing the right t-shirt

Counterintuitively, it’s not that easy to find a nice, well-cut tee-shirt. Here are some criteria to observe to know if this one suits you or not:

First, the shape of the neck. On a T-shirt, the V-neck is often misleading; prefer its faux twin whose round neck will fit more easily with the other pieces of your outfit. Be careful, however: it should not tighten around your neck, nor be too indented

No need, however, to spend € 80 for a Kanye West x A.P.C marketing collab … Credits: A.P.C

Sleeve seams should follow the natural curvature of your shoulders and break at the acromion


Length level, the sleeves must stop at the birth of the biceps. They should neither hug you nor be too loose.

Regarding the bust, a well-cut T-shirt will be adjusted to the pecs but will not mold your stomach. In this regard, prefer a tubular part

in order to avoid the phenomenon of spin which frequently plagues the (very) vast universe of poor quality t-shirts.

How to wear a T-shirt?

The advantage of a beautiful T-shirt, if it fits you perfectly, is that you can wear it in any outfit, summer or winter.

In a casual chic register, a T-shirt also goes perfectly with a blazer.

It is therefore the basic par excellence, elementary and essential. Choose light tones that will fit easily with the other pieces of your outfit: white, beige, heather gray. It’s already a very good start!
Good brands of affordable t-shirts

Uniqlo: in supima cotton, they offer excellent value for money even if they are slightly long.

GAP: at 20 € a set of three "tees" (plain or mottled) which do not move in the wash, Gap presents one of the most interesting offers on the market.

Monoprix: they offer very affordable prices thanks to their astronomical controls reducing costs. The quality is at the rendezvous, both on cotton tees on those in linen. Only problem: the sizing is rather approximate.

Stitching that breaks on the acromion, sleeve that dies at the birth of the biceps, was flattering: the perfect tee.

Muji: with an offer of € 14 for a set of two tubular T-shirts of remarkable proportions, the Japanese brand is an excellent compromise.

And if you want to put a little more money into it:

Alternative Apparel: yes, you read that correctly, Alternative Apparel and not American Apparel (which I do not recommend because it is much too expensive compared to the quality of the products). There are a lot of choices ... and a very nice vintage side.


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