When a garment is simply too worn (crotch of pants, elbows of a blazer), it’s attainable to repair it, however it’s higher to settle on a high quality retoucher UN agency can sew a patch (inside or outside) firmly at the opening. incipient: it’s the reassurance that the thread of the patch doesn’t then pull on the material of the half and tear it. an honest retoucher will have a priori a lot of alternative on the colours and can shrewdness to search out a cloth about to the first.

In the case of jeans, an honest retoucher can directly repair the warp and thread and can strengthen the rear of the piece with special machines. this is often the case with repair jeans that additionally works by purchase order, or perhaps Super sew et al..

Small advice: don’t sit up for this sort of repair. Go there at the primary signs of wear and tear.

We can see the rivet during this picture.

Mazette, there have been things to inform you! you recognize just about everything currently. And as was common if any queries stay unreciprocated, raise them in comments.

The list of the most effective shoemakers in France is here.
The price of alterations on garments

Finally, atiny low outline of the common worth of the most alterations of covering (at an honest alteration):

Shirt (sleeve length): twenty €
Shirt (bending): twenty five €
Jacket / coat (sleeve length from the bottom): twenty €
Jacket / coat (sleeve length over the shoulder): fifty €
Jacket / coat (length): twenty €
Jacket / coat (bending): 50-70 €
Pants (hem): € ten
Pants (size adjustment): twenty €
Pants (leg adjustment): twenty €

You know everything !
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covering care (menu)

Shoes are one of those purchases that provide immense pleasure.

No one will be surprised that we are now talking about a part that is certainly a little less fun, but just as important in the life of the gentleman that you are: the interview.

Between the essential accessories, the choice of products and the right methods to take good care of your shoes, there is something to be lost.

Here is, just for you, everything you need to know on the subject.
Maintain the shape of your shoes: shoe trees

bexley shoe trees

Their presence in your shoes is the sine qua non for their longevity, which means that it is an important purchase that should not be overlooked.
We strongly (really, very) strongly recommend wooden shoe trees! They absorb moisture better and are much stronger than those made from plastic.

Bexley offers good models from 30 €, with decreasing prices (4 pairs for 60 €).
Each brush has its own function!
Clean your shoes: the scraper
It will restore the shine to the leather when you have applied a cream or polish to it. The hair is here more flexible, so as not to damage the fine layers of shoe polish on the surface. All prices for this item ranging from 10 to 30 € at Monsieur Chaussure.
Keep the skin smooth: the crepe brush
We can therefore consider that they are a basic of the male wardrobe, although not everyone adopts them.

Unlike shoes, we tend to be less demanding on quality when it comes to sneakers. Here are some points to take into account in order not to buy anything:

As with a street shoe, check that the leather is of a regular grain, without nerves or scars.

Also check the liner. It would be best if it was made of leather but if it is a fabric lining, check that it is natural fibers.

A natural rubber sole is a real guarantee of quality for a pair of sneakers. The Italians are experts in the field (Margom in particular who masters very well the vulcanization

rubber.). A stitched sole is also a very good sign, it will prevent it from coming off the body of the shoe.
The famous couture from Margom. Credits: Margom.

Finally, the stitches must be close together: 5 stitches / cm is a good reference. If the seam is double at the buttress, it is even better!

Regarding the style, it is difficult to summarize in two words what a basic sneaker is as the offer on the market is substantial. You can always watch Le Bon Look # 5 which sums up the different models really well and how to wear them.
Some good brands of sneakers

suede brush
The scraper scrubs the surface of the leather thanks to a very dense horsehair. Practical on a daily basis, it should only be used for dusting and preparing for cleaning.

Saphir offers a model at 13 €.
Shine your shoes: the polishing brush
A crepe or brass brush is essential to preserve the velvet appearance of sueded and nubuck leathers. Depending on the model, it is generally between 5 and 10 €.
For waxing: the palot brush

The palot brush is used to apply shoe polish and is therefore much smaller than the others. At € 5 at Bexley, that should be more than enough. If possible, take one light and one dark, or one dedicated to cream and the other to shoe polish, to avoid color mixing.
Shine shoes with chamois


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