And then since 2018, some French quick fashion corporations have fancied the French Days. the chance to sell constant garments created in Viet-Nam or Bangla Desh as was common, however with a giant blue, white and red brushstroke on prime.

This is proof that it’s become a giant promoting competition, that takes place all year spherical.
So ar non-public sales and different French Days bogus?

Yes, it’s fully counterfeit .

Brands ar therefore wanting having customers outside of the sales, as a result of they’ll not sell at full value, that an additional excuse is required to discount.
Does that mean we have a tendency to get screwed all the time?

For ninety fifth of brands, the buyer is fooled. By of these brands that ar well established, that invest heavily in promoting, that have massive outlets within the main streets of every town, that advertise on TV …

After that, there ar five or 100% of little brands, from designers or that are around for a awfully while, referred to as heritage brands. of these brands that still observe quality play on throughout the sales. they’ll not provide you with – five hundredth all year spherical, however – twenty or – half-hour. With their little margin level, it’ll be a true effort (or a “fair price” if these ar brands that typically sell through intermediaries).

And during this year two of the Covid, we are able to expect to satisfy some similar operations even at little brands that typically don’t have sales.
How to achieve your sales?

You need to know what you’re shopping for. you do not need to assume to yourself, there’s eightieth, i am positive you are obtaining a decent deal. as a result of besides, i’m powerless to spot the brands that cheat and people that create real discounts.

We’re here to assist, through our articles and videos. We’ve been doing this for twelve years. you’ll even raise your queries by email, on the positioning or on Facebook. we have a tendency to answer virtually five,000 comments each month.
Is the discount rate a decent indicator?

So, be extremely careful with the discount level. Brands apprehend that they solely sell on sale, therefore to still create margins, a shirt that ought to be at a hundred and twenty euros, they place it at two hundred euros. this can be the result of Sandro, Zadig and author and company.Zadig and author and company.

Then, they create -50% and -70% at the tip of the sales to grant you the sensation that you simply are becoming a decent deal. Educate yourself, educate yourself, learn to acknowledge quality, raise yourself whether or not this can be a whole that invests heavily in promoting and massive stores or if it’s there to try and do things showing intelligence
But you, does one get on sale?

So I get on sale, however there ar sales and sales. you will ne’er see ME doing whole villages, malls, Amazon Prime Days, Black Fridays (and shortly what? Crazy Covid Days?) …. that is not wherever I notice the brands that actually play the sport.

You may come upon ME in little outlets or in little e-shops. And there, i am going to get brands that I already apprehend. I conjointly get once it’s not at a reduction, as a result of i do know what the merchandise is value. typically I shop at 100% of the value, different times at -20%.
Why will BonneGueule not have sales?

After all this, I absolutely perceive that within the jungle of sales, promo codes, and different non-public sales, some ar at a loss and hesitate to shop for something apart from a strikethrough value.

For our half, we have a tendency to believe that a healthier and a lot of honest approach is feasible.

We work while not intermediaries, while not vast advertising budgets, and with reduced margins.

And we ne’er stop fine-tuning the standard / value magnitude relation of every product.

This allows America to supply you quality wear at a value that looks fairer to America (at least half-hour below the marketplace for equal quality).

We so favor a relationship of trust, supported transparency, product clarification, and a prime quality / value magnitude relation all year spherical. and that we stay competitive, even throughout sales periods.

We absolutely settle for that some readers ar amused “because there aren’t any sales”.

But we have a tendency to conjointly note that a lot of and a lot of of you’re sharing our easier and fairer approach for the buyer (we also are seeing a rise, and not a decrease, within the variety of BonneGueule orders throughout the sales!).

This is why we have a tendency to stay trustworthy to the present approach, and reject the vicious circle of promotions, that ultimately solely edges brands that have forgotten their garments and people United Nations agency wear them.
omment réussir ses soldes ?

Il faut que tu comprennes atomic number 58 que tu achètes. Il ne faut pas que tu te dises, là, il y a 80%, je suis Tyre Delaware faire une bonne liaison. Parce que par ailleurs je ne suis pas capable d’identifier les marques qui trichent et celles qui font du vrai discount.


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