A chunky-knit cardigan will go with you everywhere and keep you warm no matter what.
Where to find a good mesh?

Monoprix: there are good basics (light cardigans, cashmere sweaters ...) at the entry level, solid and accessible.

Six & Seven: unbeatable on light cardigans in pure merino wool (a warmer, softer and more robust wool), around 140 euros.

Hircus: If you are looking for a good cashmere sweater, you have found: Hircus offers one of the best value for money on the market with premium pure cashmere sweaters, between 150 and 200 euros.

S.N.S. Herning: we enter the very high end with more expensive products (count around 270 euros for a chunky knit cardigan), but very robust and which will easily withstand several winters.

Inis Meáin: an incredible heritage brand with unique traditional know-how. You will find sturdy, thick and authentic pieces there.

Chunky knit sweater in merino wool and cashmere, charcoal gray. Photo credits: Inis Meáin.

Inverallan: very high quality chunky knit cardigans at a price of 330 euros. An important investment but worth it!

Essential socks for men

  1. Good raw jeans, strong and durable
    How to choose your jeans?

When choosing jeans, it is important to focus on the following three key elements:

The waistline should be slightly tight because jeans are relaxed afterwards (unlike pants). In theory, you should be unable to tuck more than an inch between the jeans and your waist; if so, then it suits you.

The crotch, that is to say the length at the level of the crotch, must be slightly drooping to lengthen your silhouette.

The leg opening will be between 17 and 19 cm for a person of "standard" size in a classic style. Of course, you are free to adjust it depending on whether you prefer a Hedi Slimane silhouette or whether you are a fan of very frank and straight workwear cuts.

By default, it is best to start with fitted or “semi slim” cuts. Do not hesitate to consult our complete guide on how to choose jeans.

Semi-slim jeans will hug your thighs without sticking the calf: it is the most versatile cut.

Good jeans depend on the quality of the canvas and its weight, but there are also a lot of little details that make the difference between a good and a bad model. To become an expert on the matter, it’s here.

Also, a good quality raw jeans will be an essential element of your wardrobe and will assume this role for many years. Choose it from a relatively thick canvas that will wash off naturally over time and eventually display a unique patina. Granted, this is a significant investment, but you won’t regret it.
Pieces cut from quality denim fabric will gain character over time.

As a result, nothing will prevent you from completing your wardrobe by enhancing it with gray jeans.

On the other hand, I do not recommend black if you are new to shopping – unless the material is worth it – because it creates (too) strong contrasts between the top and the bottom of the outfit. Usually black is the perfect choice when your whole outfit is … but it’s a real stylistic bias that not everyone can embrace.
Some brands to find your perfect jeans

Uniqlo: the only brand to offer good selvedge jeans from 40 euros.

The Unbranded Brand: very good entry-level jeans.

A.P.C. : the New Standard is the cut that inspired Hedi Slimane for his Dior jeans. His legend remains unmatched today ...

Nudie: around 100 € (110 € to be more exact). For the moment, avoid TOO washed out models (too cheap) and choose the pure rough ones that you will wash out yourself over time.

Naked & Famous: unbeatable value for money (180 euros) for the ultimate raw jeans.

The label’s Made in Japan edition is particularly superb. Photo credits: Naked & Famous

Acne: a very fine cut and real attention to detail, not to mention the material in a very soft cotton. We are already venturing into high-end jeans (around € 200).

Artisan's studio: for purists! A totally raw canvas neither washed nor soaked. Be careful, take into account that the jeans will shrink by 1 to 2 sizes after the first wash.
  1. Pants, more formal than jeans
    The big families of pants

We can dissociate two main “types” of pants:

Chinos, made from cotton canvas

In terms of leg pieces, suit pants are the most formal there is.

There are other models like the cargo pants


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