rubber.). A stitched sole is also a very good sign, it will prevent it from coming off the body of the shoe.
The famous couture from Margom. Credits: Margom

Finally, the stitches must be close together: 5 stitches / cm is a good reference. If the seam is double at the buttress, it is even better!

Regarding the style, it is difficult to summarize in two words what a basic sneaker is as the offer on the market is substantial. You can always watch Le Bon Look # 5 which sums up the different models really well and how to wear them.
Some good brands of sneakers

ASFVLT: a very good entry-level brand, which offers very streetwear-style sneakers for less than 100 euros.

Sawa: the brand produced entirely in Ethiopia (a country recognized for the quality of its workforce, specializing in shoes). The sneakers are very colorful and the design atypical. From 60 euros.

Knowing what can (or cannot) be altered on a garment is an important basis: to correct a past purchase, but also to estimate whether a good deal is really worth it or not.
Possible alterations on a garment

In absolute terms, you can retouch almost anything as long as you pay the price … but we agree that it is not worth paying more for retouching than for clothing! In addition, finding the right skill in the retoucher is not always easy …

  1. Alterations on a coat, jacket or blazer

The length of the sleeves can be adjusted in several ways: you can either shorten the sleeve (with a simple hem), or lengthen it if the manufacturer has kept a margin of fabric inside the sleeve. For example, on a blazer, you can generally add between 3 and 4 cm.
If we remove more than 3 or 4 cm here, the button will be too close to the edge.

We will then prefer to shorten the sleeve … by the shoulder: by removing the shoulder to then raise it. But you can imagine that it’s a bit tricky

, therefore to bypass as much as possible.

You can also slightly alter the length of the part (on condition that you do not completely unbalance it).

Finally, we come to the bending, a key element of the jacket. Most of the sleeve pieces have 5 darts. A dart is a seam that can be unstitched to bring the two pieces of fabric together, and re-sew to accentuate the bending.

It can also be useful to correct the back if it has too much material for your body type.

The most colourful pairs will bring barely of originality to a somewhat easy outfit. Credit: Sawa

New Balance: complete familiar to the overall public, that produces sturdy and sturdy sneakers between a hundred and two hundred euros.

Nike: like New Balance, Greek deity remains a secure bet for sneakers.

Piola: a high-end production created in Portugal, with quality materials that respect the atmosphere (count around two hundred euros).

National Standard: high-end French complete that produces terribly nice sneakers at around two hundred euros. a gorgeous style and a quality-price-style quantitative relation that's value it!

Buttero: high-end Italian complete that gives original and prime quality sneakers (Italian animal skin, vegetable tanned, stitched Margom sole, etc.). Count around 250 euros.

A sneaker that’s each sober and complex could be a great way to feature character. Credits: ETQ.

Filling Pieces: finally, another Dutch complete that has identical positioning as ETQ however with a fair additional refined design! Another advantage: they're found in France additional simply than ETQs.


And There you go ! You currently understand all the standards of the male wardrobe. All you’ve got to try to to is planned out your wardrobe … and perhaps do some searching.

Although this can be a non-exhaustive list, it’ll assist you structure your wardrobe on a solid foundation. it’s a awfully sensible basis for getting down to build a sensible and economical room.

Then it’s up to you to brighten it with different items that you just like and to search out your vogue in line with your tastes, your temperament, your atmosphere …

In short, it’s up to you! 😉
Hey, we’re performing some basics too!

Jeans retouchers can work wonders but not miracles: get there in time!
What alterations are impossible (or too perilous)?

Some retouching is simply not possible. For example, it is very difficult to retouch a mesh, because it is then unraveled. This requires a very special know-how that you will not find near you. But if the stitch is just damaged and starts to unstitch, then the right retoucher will be able to close the knit to stop the damage.

The shoulders of the blazer are also a dead end: there is nothing to do, you had to buy the right size of shoulders from the start … Resell your pieces that are too large or give them away.
How to choose a retoucher?

It is important to choose the right retoucher. No need to hope for a clean bending job in the small corner shop which also does laundry / ironing. Because heavy retouching requires a real mastery of tailor that you will not find on every corner


Conversely, some lighter touch-ups are “unacceptable”. There is therefore no need to spend too much time or too much money on it.

no need to go to a master to have the hem of your jeans altered …


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